Traditional Spanish Ceramics – The Little Spanish Garlic Keeper

Garlic Storage: What’s the best way to store garlic? OR Why use a garlic keeper?

The problem is that garlic, which, if not kept properly, will mould or even sprout, making it unusable for cooking. If you use fresh garlic in your kitchen, you are going to want the best way to store garlic.

For garlic storage, the most suitable atmosphere is low light, cool temperature with good ventilation.
Garlic will remain fresh for many days. You can keep your garlic keeper on the countertop for easy access and as a beautiful accessory to your kitchen.


Spain is known for its garlic, so it’s no surprise that they have been making garlic keepers for centuries. Our authentic Spanish garlic keepers are designed especially for garlic to let sufficient air in a while minimizing light.
They have 4 well sized and placed ventilation holes (2 on each side), practically placed and not just at the top of the keeper, allowing for better airflow.

Our Garlic Keepers are a part of our traditional Spanish ceramics collection. Avaliable in 8 beautiful designs and it will bring a splash of colour and style to any kitchen.

The best thing about our garlic keepers is that they not only double as a garlic roaster (Put it in the oven full of garlic bulbs and it will produce mouth-watering caramelised garlic) but inside the lid we have a garlic grater or ginger grater, just like The Little Spanish Grater Plate – which will puree you garlic in seconds for maximum flavour and goodness.

Our beautiful Spanish ceramic containers will not absorb moisture or odours, so no lingering garlic smell will remain with the garlic storage container. It also makes it easy to clean on the kitchen counter from any splashes of grease, oil or food from cooking.

The Little Spanish Garlic Keeper is wide enough to get your hand in, so you do not need to tip the keeper upside down to reach the cloves at the bottom.

All of our products are original, authentic Spanish ceramics made by a family in Andalusia – Southern Spain, where the colours reflect and represent the Spanish culture and way of life.

Key Features

  • Non toxic -Cadmium and lead free ceramic garlic container
  • Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
  • Beautiful Spanish designs and looks great on the kitchen bench making it easy to access
  • Handmade and hand painted by Spanish artisans
  • Decent size – Holding 4-5 bulbs depending on size of bulbs
  • Wide enough to get your hand in
  • Lid doubles as a Little Spanish Grater Plate with the grate inside the lid
  • 4 Holes to allow the garlic to be well ventilated, but not allowing in the light
  • Will keep your garlic fresh and ready for your next culinary masterpiece.
  • Triple glazed so it will not stain or retain any aromas.
  • Easy to clean
  • Great gift for someone who loves garlic

The Little Spanish Garlic Keepers is guaranteed to bring a taste of the Mediterranean into your kitchen! It will be the most loved and best kitchen tool in your kitchen.


Postage & Packaging: $11.50 for 1 x item, $16.50 for 2 or more items
Free Delivery on orders over $150.00
Please allow for 7-12 working days for delivery.
Size: 12cm (w) x 13cm (h)
Weight: 900gms

Please note our Authentic Spanish ceramics are handmade – colour, size and weight may vary slightly. Made in Spain

Company Information

Welcome to The Little Spanish Garlic Keepers and a taste of Spain!, where the colours are vibrant and the taste of the Mediterranean is exquisite and world-renowned. The Little Spanish Garlic Keepers aims to bring this Mediterranean flavour into your kitchen with the richness of traditional handcrafts from deep within the famous Andalusia Artisanal region.

Dating back to the 11th century, the Little Spanish Garlic Keepers is a traditional tool, each one hand turned by a master craftsman and painted by Spanish artisans. This makes no two pieces alike, as each piece carries an imprint of the craftsmen, bringing a taste of Spain and the Mediterranean into your own kitchen. Not only are they authentic, beautiful works of art, but very functional tools for today’s modern kitchen.

All of our ceramics are triple glazed ensuring the highest quality. This makes our ceramics very versatile – dishwasher, microwave and ovenproof – the Spanish colour and traditional Mediterranean way of cooking is at your feet. With this lovely range of ceramics, we have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Our Company Mission

My mission is to give people the means to experience the colours and flavours of Spain and the Mediterranean, in their own kitchen. I get great joy in offering a product that is high quality, hand made and unique in colour and style. I have a vision that through each handcrafted piece, the history, passion and culture of Spain and the Mediterranean lifestyle will spread and be touched by the world. My passion leads me to find amazing unique products that you will use with love to create your own masterpiece in your kitchen. There is truly a unique story behind each of these beautiful Spanish ceramics.


“ I brought one of these at the South East Field Days in Lucindale, South Australia and I can’t believe what an AWESOME job it does with my garlic. I don’t know how I managed in my kitchen before this little plate! Best thing ever! I brought 6 more for Xmas presents!!”

Rebecca Fenton

“This little plate is fabulous! I purchased 3 plates in Tasmania at AgFest for presents. I had to go back and buy one for me it was so good. We grow our own garlic so our little plate gets used every day. And it’s so pretty!”

Tammy Ferguson