What do do if you have a special request for your order:2019-06-07T09:51:33+10:00

If you have any special requests for shipping, please contact us prior to placing your order and we will do our best to assist.

Why shouldn’t I eat the root end of the garlic clove?2017-12-14T23:44:39+11:00

This is the most acidic part of the clove, and quite bitter. If ingested it can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

Why do chefs never press their garlic?2017-12-14T23:44:13+11:00

Slicing, mincing, smearing, crushing, and even pressing give different results with garlic.

Chefs find a garlic press more trouble than it’s worth – a nightmare to clean, as well as pretty wasteful. They don’t see the point of a gadget that essentially does just one thing as well as loosing all the juice. A garlic press produces a bitter, harsher tasting result with an almost metallic aftertaste.

Why is my garlic turning blue/green?2017-12-14T23:43:10+11:00

A chemical reaction has occurred where the chemicals in the garlic are released thru pureeing. These chemicals are locked away from each other when the garlic is whole. It may also turn blue when it comes into contact with minerals and certain metals found in your water supply or kitchen tools, including copper, aluminium, iron, and tin.

Don’t worry, it may look strange but it’s perfectly safe to eat!!

What events are you attending?2017-12-14T23:42:28+11:00

Please see our Events page. Click Here

What is your returns policy?2017-12-14T23:41:24+11:00

Please see our Returns Policy page. Click Here

What’s your privacy policy?2017-12-14T23:39:39+11:00

We will never share your information with any third party.
Who is a third party? Well the first party is us, and the second party is you. So a third party is anyone other than you and us. And, you know, they probably have enough already.

How long will my order take to process and be delivered?2021-02-22T19:04:08+11:00

Orders are typically processed within 24 hours. Orders placed after Friday 2pm are processed the following business day. Please allow 7-12 working days for delivery (depending on your location).

Where do you ship to?2017-12-14T23:38:43+11:00

Anywhere in Australia. Sorry, we do not ship internationally.

My order never arrived.2017-12-14T23:38:16+11:00

Check your order confirmation email for the tracking number. If that doesn’t work, send us an email, tell us what you ordered and your order number, and we’ll help you out.

My order has arrived but it’s not what I ordered or it’s broken.2017-12-14T23:37:44+11:00

If something is not right with you order please contact us immediately via email or telephone (see contact page). If something is broken please email a picture of the product.

What if I want to make changes to my order?2019-06-07T09:50:22+10:00

Please contact us via email [email protected] with your order number and request.. We will cancel or modify the order if it has not yet been shipped.

Can I track my order?2019-06-07T09:50:48+10:00

Yes, you can track your order. All orders are set out via Australia Post and can be tracked online. If you haven’t received your tracking no. please contact us with your order number and we will assist.

What payments do you accept?2017-12-14T23:34:36+11:00

All payments on our website are completed securely via PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not accept payments made over the phone or via email.

I purchased 2 of the same plate, but they are different, why?2017-12-14T23:34:02+11:00

All of our Spanish ceramics are hand made by master potters and painted by Spanish artisans with love. That makes each plate unique and no 2 items are the same.

Why is garlic stronger when pureed on The Little Spanish Grater Plate?2017-12-14T23:33:35+11:00

With garlic, the more you break down the cell walls (cut, grind, puree etc.) the more the spicy/sharp/hot taste will come out.
When you use The Little Spanish Grater Plate to puree your garlic, it is so fast and effective at breaking down the cells, that you get an extra punch for your dollar!

Will my plate go blunt?2017-12-14T23:33:15+11:00

The little Spanish Grater Plate is triple glazed and made to hold up to the hardest of spices, like nutmeg. As long as you don’t drop it, your Little Spanish Grater Plate will last you a long time.

Why do I have to add water or oil to my plate for some ingredients?2017-12-14T23:32:23+11:00

Some ingredients are loaded full of natural sugars, oils or acids that can become sticky and dry to the plate instantly. A drop of oil or water will prevent this from happening, and make it easy for you to remove the puree or zest from the plate into your dish.

How do I use my plate?2017-12-14T23:32:28+11:00

Please see our instruction page. Click Here

What is The Little Spanish Grater Plate used for?2017-12-14T23:32:30+11:00

Please see our instruction page. Click Here

Are The Little Spanish Grater Plate products microwave, dishwasher & oven safe?2017-12-14T23:32:05+11:00

Yes, all of our Spanish ceramics are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.
But the little wooden brush is more delicate, and should be hand washed in warm soapy water. Use a fork to comb the brush and remove any stuck ingredients.


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